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Some domains registered through Google/GoDaddy are inacessible


Setting up a Google Custom Domain, and publishing your blog to a non-BlogSpot URL, is an exciting prospect for many bloggers. Part of the excitement, after using the “Buy A Domain For Your Blog” wizard, includes receipt of an email from Google Apps, giving instructions on logging in to Google Apps, and giving us access to the DNS Manager wizard for the domain registrar (eNom or GoDaddy). And providing positive proof that he / she is now the owner of the domain.

Recently, we've been seeing reports from unhappy bloggers who report

I have only received the mail of confirmation of the purchase and of spending the $10 USD, but nothing else.

This discovery is made generally when the blogger reports a problem with the domain, and when advised to correct it using the Domain DNS wizard, replies that he has no access to the DNS wizard, and in some cases, no access to Google Apps either. In other cases, the blogger may have access to Google Apps, and an account / password to the registrar's DNS Manager, but the DNS Manager access doesn't work.

If people knew better, they wouldn't set up a Google custom domain AT ALL. Avoid Google at all costs – set up shop with the pros at orTypePad. And don't even think of turning to GoDaddy or one of their resellers/subsidiaries for domain names. Try Hover instead.