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James Docks’ Google alternatives

When someone leaves Google behind, it’s always fun to hear how they did it. Here’s one commenter’s recipe of Google alternatives, provided in response to a blog post by Matthew Green:

Why not stop using Google altogether instead? It’s not just Chrome, it’s all of this Google spying. It was a lot of work, tbh, but I’ve left Google completely:

• Google Search -> Duckduckgo, Startpage, Searx
• Gmail ->Tutanota
• Google Maps → Openstreetmap
• Youtube -> Bitchute, peerTube, LBRY, Newpipe(android)
• Google Calendar -> Lightning Calendar, Nextcloud
• Google+/Facebook → Minds, Diaspora, Mastodon
• Google Photos -> Cryptee
• Chrome → Brave, Tor, Firefox
• Play Store → F-Droid, Aurora
• Google Drive → Nextcloud, Syncthing
• Android OS/ iOS → LineageOS, PureOS (soon)

Lots of great suggestions here.