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Google “Street View” car causes collision in Indonesia

Oops… big oops…

A Google Street View car hit two public transport buses and a truck in the city of Bogor, Indonesia.

Police said the car driver hit the first bus, appeared to “panic” when the bus driver responded angrily, and tried to drive off.

But in doing so the vehicle hit a second bus and then the truck, according to local media reports.

It is unclear whether anybody was hurt at the scene. Google has confirmed that an incident has taken place.

“We take incidents like this very seriously. We’re working closely with local authorities to address the situation,” Vishnu Mahmud, head of communications for Google in Indonesia, told news agency AFP.

Uh huh.

This car was apparently being driven by a human being, as opposed to being piloted by a computer, so it appears human error is to blame. Of course, humans write software, so self-driving cars are capable of crashing too… when and if that happens, it’s going to be really embarrassing for the Monster of Mountain View.