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Mozilla continues to contemplate getting rid of Google

As Google gets bigger… and bigger… and bigger… and continues to subvert free software, the Mozilla Foundation seems to be increasingly thinking about severing ties with the monster. Or so CNET's Matt Asay muses:

There have been rumblings that Mozilla would look to Google alternatives for the default search engine within Firefox, despite Mozilla pulling in 91 percent of its revenues from its Google partnership. Mozilla employee Asa Dotzler, though not speaking for the foundation, says that he'd welcome a switch from Google given its rising dominance over the Web.

BusinessWeek ran a story almost a year ago about the increasingly tense relationship between Google and Mozilla. Things have gotten worse since then, as Google continues to promote Chrome. The Monster of Mountain View is now encouraging developers of extensions for Firefox to develop the same extensions for Chrome, so that it can more easily poach Firefox's market share.

Mozilla should stop dithering and unhitch its wagon from Google's.