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Google launches its own DNS service

Why? Well, again, it's because they want to dominate the computing world:

Google now wants to be your browser’s phone book, launching a DNS service Thursday in hopes that users will let the ad and search giant take over yet another part of their net experience.

Browsers ask Domain Name System (DNS) servers to translate URLs like into the web addresses where the servers are (e.g., That lets browsers retrieve pages and e-mail clients address e-mails to the right place. Most people simply use the DNS server provided by their ISP, and don’t even know the service exists.

OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch has written a blog post in response to Google's announcement. In it, he says:

Google claims that this service is better because it has no ads or redirection. But you have to remember they are also the largest advertising and redirection company on the Internet. To think that Google’s DNS service is for the benefit of the Internet would be naive. They know there is value in controlling more of your Internet experience and I would expect them to explore that fully.

He's absolutely right.

As far as Google is concerned, the bigger the better. Their mission is to compete with everybody, to the point where they have end-to-end control over a user experience. The goal? Turn the Internet into the Googlenet.

Everybody's computers run Google software and utilize Google's services. And everybody stores their data on Google's servers, where it can be indexed and mined for profit.

In such a world, there will be no privacy, for Google will know all.

Years ago, this notion would have been dismissed as fantasy. With each passing day it's getting closer to reality. When are people going to wake up and figure out what's going on?