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Schmidt: It's even better when we we can collect information about people from their employers

If Google gets its way, there will be no place to stay safe from its unblinking Big Brother eyeballs:

The company has done well so far with services that appeal chiefly to consumers, but Schmidt said at the Gartner Symposium here that Google likes services that become part people's lives regardless of whether they are doing work. And because the company covers its costs by charging enterprise accounts $50 per person per year for those services at work, he said it's just a matter of attaining scale before the business becomes “very profitable” for Google.

Google's goal is to be able to watch everyone, all the time, no matter where they are or who they're with. Home, work, on vacation. If you use Google products and so does your employer, what doesn't Google know about you?

Talk about a creepy, undesirable future…