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Google to turn Chrome into an operating system

Surprise, surprise:

Challenging Microsoft's grip on PCs, Internet search giant Google said late Tuesday night that it intends create its own computer operating system.

Google said the OS is initially aimed at netbooks — small, cheap and incredibly popular sub-notebooks — and would be an “open source” project built with and by many developers.

Google is currently meeting with hardware manufacturers to [sic] aprise them of its plans, and hopes to have it on computers by the second half of 2010.

Google has denied for years any interest in taking on Microsoft or Apple with its own operating system, but Tuesday took a new direction.

New direction, what a joke. Google's goal all along has been to get into a position where they can wield complete control over the entire computing industry. They want power – greater power than even Microsoft has ever had. They want the time users spend in front of their screen to be spent using Google products, whether they're searching for something on Google, buying something through Google Checkout, publishing their thoughts through Blogger, looking up a local business on Google Maps, sharing their location with Google Latitude, publishing eons of information to Google Docs & Spreadsheets, reading and replying to messages in Gmail, playing with Google Earth, networking on Orkut, watching videos on YouTube, and surfing the Web with Google Chrome.

Now that Chrome is being turned into an operating system, Google will have the potential to monitor everything its users do with built in phone home features. Imagine all those screens… individual portals through which the giant, secretive corporation that is Google can watch with a never-blinking eye, capturing oodles of information and monetizing it for profit.

That is Google's business plan: to know everything there possibly is to know and use that information to make money. Lots of money. And if people get hurt in the process, so what? Profit is more important than anything else.

1984, here we come!